The 10 Best Wineries In Texas (2019)

When you think of delicious and delectable wine, places like Napa Valley, France, or Italy probably come to mind. But did you know that some of the best wine in the world is grown on Texas soil?

The Lonestar state, along with its robust pride, 80 mph speed limits and a plethora of western wear also offers a wonderful selection of wine.

If you’re a Texas native or have plans to visit the state, a Texas wine tour is never a bad idea. Most wine in Texas is grown in the High Plains area and you may not believe it until you try it, but many of the bottles compete with infamous wineries across the country and the world.

Here’s a list of the top ten best wineries in Texas, where they are, and what to taste when you’re there:

1. Bingham Family Vineyards- Fredericksburg, Texas

What: Bingham Family Vineyards is a rustic property nestled in the heart of the Fredericksburg Hill Country. Two big wooden barns stand on the front end of the property and once tasters are inside, the large wooden bar in the middle of the barn is the place to go. Their grapes are 100% Texas-grown so that every visitor experiences the authentic and original flare that Texas wineries have to offer.

Who: This multigenerational family has a long history of working the Texas land. Before wine, they grew peanuts and cotton and are deeply familiar with Texas soil and all of the beneficial things it can produce. The High Plains of Texas are littered with wineries of all different kinds and calibers, but Bingham Family Vineyards stands alone as one of the most authentic and prominent vineyards in the hill country of Texas.

Taste and tour: They aren’t currently offering tours, but Bingham Family Vineyards are selling one of their most popular and lucrative wines right now.

Drink: 2016 Dirt Farmer. This well-named wine, while sounding strange is one of the best the vineyard has to offer. The bold red fruit taste on the front end is delicious, while high notes of earthy tones and a subtle taste of chocolate finish the sip.

Stay: Fredericksburg is an old German Texas town with a lot of scenery and a lot of history. One of the best places to stay in Fredericksburg would definitely be an Air BnB or a cabin. There are plenty of families who have taken second homes or guesthouses and transformed them into beautiful properties that tourists and locals alike love to visit.

Check Out Bingham Family Vineyards Here

2. Kuhlman Cellars- Stonewall, Texas

What: This beautiful property can be found in Stonewall, Texas and has been in operation for five years. The soil at Kuhlman’s estate is primarily a clay over limestone. This soil works well for wine growing because the density of the clay holds water well during dry times that would ordinarily cause the grapevines to suffer. However, this kind of soil can also be problematic during rainy seasons when vines may get too much water. Regardless of the weather, Kuhlman Cellars has been able to grow and produce impeccable wine over the last five years and should absolutely be on your Texas wine bucket list.

Who: Kuhlman Cellars actually derives its name from the word “culmination”. That’s their motto and their philosophy, throughout the business and especially when it comes to wine. They care about achieving the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long period of time. Kuhlman Cellars strive for each barrel of wine to have character, artistry, patience, labor and chemistry. Kuhlman Cellars has made a name for themselves across the Texas hill country not only in wine, but also in herbed almonds. Yep, you heard me right. These delicacies pair well with almost any wine they sell at the vineyard and have become a staple for the property and regular visitors.

Taste and Tour:

The Reserve Tasting and Tour: This brand-new tour centers around exploring the five-year history of the vineyard. It’s an intimate conversation with their winemaker, who takes you on a journey through the winemaking process and the vineyard’s overall story. The tour is $60/ guest and $45/ wine club members.

Signature Wine and Food Tour: is $30/ person and is by appointment only. Wine club members are complimentary up to four people and you get to try five wines and five season food pairings.

Casual Wine and Food Pairing: is $22.50/ person and is by appointment only. The tour offers a view of the seven-acre vineyard, four blends, four food pairings and an educational and casual experience.

Drink: Calcaria (cal-CAR-ee-uh):  This is the vineyard’s signature white blend and is named after the French word (and Latin root), calcare, for Limestone which is all over the hill country and the Kuhlman Cellar property.

Stay: Stonewall, Texas is a small unincorporated territory east of Fredericksburg. If you’re looking for a great resort within the city limits of Fredericksburg, you can’t go wrong with “The Back 40 of FredericksburgThis beautiful hill country escape is a bed, breakfast, spa, and ranch.

Check Out Kuhlman Cellars Here

3. Burklee Hill Vineyards- Llevelland, Texas

What: Have you ever thought of the area around Lubbock as a great place to discover some delicious Texas wine? Burklee Hill Vineyards has. This property can be found in Levelland, Texas, which is a small town close to Lubbock, Texas. This city that derives its name from the flat, plains country that surrounds it.

Who: The Burklee Hill Vineyards and Bistro is a family owned winery that prides itself in producing only locally-grown wine from the High Plains. They also have a bistro that offers delicious food. The land that holds the vineyard itself has been farmed by the same family for five generations and counting. The name, Burklee, is a nod to the current owner, Chance’s, grandfather. The legacy that Burklee left to his grandson is one of consciously striving for excellence. Chance and his wife have taken that legacy and extended it into producing delectable wine that is founded on a core belief.

Taste and Tours: Burklee Hill Vineyards doesn’t currently offer any tours and their tasting rooms stand separate from the actual property. The tasting room hours of operation are from 11:00 am- 8:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. They’re closed on Monday’s and appointments are welcome, but aren’t necessary unless you’re tasting with a large group.

Drink: The 2017 Burklee Hill Vineyards Courtney, has notes of honeysuckle, peach and a sweet buttery taste. If you love sweet and fruity wine, this is a great option.

Stay: Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham Lubbock. This hotel in Lubbock, Texas is a 30-40-minute drive from the vineyard and offers a pool, a convenience store, fitness center, bar and spa tub.

Check Out Burklee Hill Vineyards Here

4. Crowson Wines- Johnson City, Texas

What: Crowson Wines can be found in the small town of Johnson City, Texas. This winery is full of authentic, small-town charm and communicates the original heart of hill country winemaking the best.

Who: Crowson Wines chooses to see winemaking as an art. They tend toward the natural winemaking movement which means they avoid additives in the cellar and prefer to take a non-intervention approach to their wine. Herein lies the beauty of Crowson Wines, what they grow is what you get. They work directly with only Texas farmer and let the wines ferment when they please, they never add color and believe that honesty and openness about their way of harvesting is the best way to provide quality wine for the guests who come to visit. Can you say perfect small-town feel? This winery should be one that you visit, especially if you love some good ole hill country charm and are interested in what truly and completely natural Texas wine is like.

Taste and tour: This winery is by appointment only, except on Saturday, when the property opens its doors from 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm. Same-day appointments are available.

Stay: The Exotic Resort Zoo. Who wouldn’t want to come home to an exotic zoo after a day of sipping wine? This collection of rustic cabins is set on a 130-acre wildlife reserve and features cedar cabins, Wi-Fi, TVs, and guided zoo tours are complimentary. Plus, they have an outdoor pool, hot and game room on site.

Check Out Crowson Wines Here

5. Fall Creek Vineyards- Driftwood, Texas

What: Fall Creek Vineyards is one of the founding families of Texas wine and can be found just outside of Austin, in Driftwood, Texas. The vineyard is on a history plot where some of the first Vitis Vinfer vines in Texas were planted. This sixth-generation farmland was transformed into a winery and is located at the northwest corner of Lake Buchanan.

Who: When the Aulers took a trip to France to inspect cattle in 1975, they had no idea that their lives and the future of Texas would never be the same. With backing from Texas A&M and Texas Tech University, The Aulers abandoned their current jobs and decided to cultivate a vineyard and try their hand at making wine. Later in 1990, Mr. Auler petitioned the U.S. government for the Texas Hill Country to be a region that is not only recognized but respected as vinicultural. This historical vineyard changed the course of Texas history and still produces some of the best wine in the state. This is one place that you do not want to miss visiting.

Taste and Tour:

Winemaker’s Choice Tasting: Fall Creek Vineyards offers one tasting option of 6 pre-selected wines for $20/person.

Drink: Fall Creek Vineyards Chenin Blanc CLASSICS Texas 2018. Their famous off-dry Chenin Blanc is made from West Texas-grown grapes and comes from some of the oldest vines in Texas. In fact, Fall Creek has been making this Chenin Blanc for over thirty years. The slightly sweet wine boasts candied fennel, peach jam, fresh apricot juice, lemon and a touch of jasmine.

Stay: The Wine Country Inn. This beautiful property right next to the Driftwood tasting room is a part of Fall Creek Vineyards has two master suites with King size beds, a rock fireplace and a fully stocked kitchen. Plus, you also have the option to hire a private chef to prepare meals and serve you while you stay at the winery.

Check Out Fall Creek Vineyards Here

6. Flatcreek Estate Winery and Vineyard- Marble Falls, Texas

best wineries in texas

Who: Flatcreek Estate Winery and Vineyard can be located in the rocky and beautiful hills of Marble Falls, Texas. The property offers 80 acres of beautiful Texas land, 20 acres of vineyards and 10,000 cases of wine produced annually, right out of Texas.

What: This unique Marble Falls winery makes the top ten in Texas list because you can do just about everything in house. This property offers wine tasting, wine tours, an extensive menu and (this is the best part) an 18-hole disc golf course. They understand that college kids aren’t the only ones who like to drink a little and then have fun and the people at Flatcreek have made sure their winery is a place to do it all. Beyond that, they also have a Wine & Food Hall which is an open room with long tables which is perfect for a bottle of wine and some appetizers but also offers a 3-Course Paired Wine Menu Thursday- Monday.

Taste and Tour:

Wine Tasting and Winery Tour: This tour is held in the Food Hall and costs $17.50/ person. Reservations are recommended.

Mini-tasting, Tour & 3-Course Menu: This tour offers three samples of wine prior to the meal, then a chef will pair three more wines with your meal. The tour costs $65/person and reservations are required.

Group Grape Escape Experience: This tour is for 8+ people and offers a guided wine tasting, tour of the winery and lunch with wine. This tour is $40/person.

Drink: The Super Texan 2015. This is the wine that made the vineyard famous. Flat Creek Estate won the “best of Texas” in the wine category and was even showcased on the today show. The Super Texas has flavors of plum, blackberry and toasty oak. There’s also a bit of spice from the Zinfandel and pairs best with Texas BBQ and wild game.

Stay: The Vintner’s Quarters: This truly all-inclusive winery has a beautiful guest house that you can stay at after a fun day on the property. The first floor features a kitchen, quiet living area, master bedroom with queen size bed, bathroom and a patio overlooking the vineyard while the loft has two additional queen size beds.

Check Out Flatcreek Estate Here

7. Lost Draws Cellar- Fredericksburg, Texas

Who: Lost Draws Cellar can be found in Fredericksburg, Texas was born when an oil and gas distributor and civil engineer came together to try their hand at growing grapes. This winery has been in operation since 2013 and has evolved from an experiment into a place where locals, tourists, and wine enthusiasts come to enjoy good company, a great atmosphere, quality Texas wine, and sometimes, live music.    

What: Mr. Timmons quickly made a name for himself across the great state of Texas for his grape growing and harvesting abilities. He’s actually considered one of the pioneers of intensive growth of vineyards across Texas. Lost Draws Cellars is owned and operated by experienced cotton and peanut farmers who also discovered a penchant and passion for winemaking. The property has grown to over 500 acres and produces some of the best wine that Texas and the hill country has to offer. 

Taste and Tour:

Select tasting: This tasting is $15/ person and offers a selection of five wines

Special tasting for two: This tasting is $45/ person and offers five wines and a cheese and meat board

Bring the tasting home: This is a unique opportunity that many wineries don’t offer. Lost Draws Cellars will cater a tasting for you in the comfort of your own home. 

Drink: 2016 Noel is one of Lost Draw’s signature white wines. This popular wine is easy to drink, light and delicious. 

Stay: The Lodge Above Town Creek is a beautiful property that sits on 1.5 acres. This country-casual lodge has picturesque country decoration and makes wine enthusiasts feel like they’re getting a real Texas experience. Their large bedrooms, spacious living rooms and beautiful views all within a short distance from Main Street make this the perfect place to stay in Fredericksburg.

Check Out Lost Draws Cellars Here

8. Poteet Country Winery- Poteet, Texas

Who: If you’re looking for some real-life, down-home Texas style fruit wine, this is the perfect place to stop by. Poteet Country Winery is located in Poteet, Texas and is family owned and operated. They’ve been operational since July 4th, 1998 and have made a strong name and reputation for themselves among the San Antonio Hill Country folk. They’re the only winery in Texas south of San Antonio and tastings are free!

What: Poteet Country Winery’s mission? A new appeal to an old classic. Fruit wine is often looked down on as cliché and cheap, but Poteet Country Winery is putting hard work and old school Texas pride into every wine that’s harvested on their property. This picturesque winery is decorated with Texas antiques, most of which are from the 1800’s and visitors can even get a feel for the farm life that’s still 100% operational that the winery is on.

Taste and Tour: Tours and tastings are free at the Poteet Country Winery during business hours.

Drink: Cue Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter and crack open a bottle of Poteet Strawberry Wine. This bottle lives up to its name and is made purely of Poteet strawberries, aka there is not one grape in this blend. This is the signature wine of the Poteet Strawberry Festival and a famous one at that.

Stay: Hotel Contessa. This hotel is decorated in a Spanish flare that will compliment your country experience in Poteet well. They have a rooftop pool and hot tub, a tapas restaurant and a cocktail bar and coffee shop.

Checkout Poteet Country Winery Here

9. Grape Creek Vineyards- Fredericksburg, Texas

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Who: Grape Creek Vineyards can be found on the way into the town of Fredericksburg, Texas on Highway 290 amongst many other wineries. Grape Creek produces an excellent Rose wine that’s very popular and offers tastings, tours, dinner at their on-site restaurant “Stout’s at Grape Creek Trattoria and a wonderfully rustic Italian feel throughout the property.

What: This winery has a laid back, quiet atmosphere. Their wines have won over 200 hundred medals in the last two years. Their beautiful 100-acre property is situated among rolling hills, old oak trees, and vines that people travel from all over state and country to sample from.

Taste and tour:

Tasting Counter: The tasting counter is $20/ person and offers a flight of six wines of your choice and if you’re a wine club member, you taste for free.

Taste & Tour: The Taste & Tour is $35/ person and includes a wine tour, a barrel tasting and gives visitors a breakdown of the property’s history, production and winemaking.

Private Tasting: The private tasting is $35/ person and is in conducted in a private tasting room. The wine tasting is complemented by a cheese assortment.

Drink: 2018 Rose of Malbec. Looking for a great sweet wine? The Rose of Malbec brings forth vibrant fruit and is often compared to a watermelon Jolly Rancher. The refreshing summer wine is perfectly balanced between sweet and strong fruit and acid that lingers at the end.

Stay: Walnut Canyon Cabins. These cabins, just outside Fredericksburg city limits provide peace, quiet, beautiful scenery and the most beautiful views in the hill country. The collection of cabins is well furnished and come with kitchens, living rooms and porches that offer picturesque views of all Fredericksburg has to offer.

Check Out Grape Creek Vineyards Here

10. Haak Vineyards and Winery- Santa Fe, Texas

Who: Haak Vineyards and Winery are located in Santa Fe, Texas and all began when Raymond’s wife Gladys gifted him two Concord grapevines. They quickly found out that what began as a hobby was quickly turning into a passion. As Raymond tested which vines would survive well in Galveston County, he refined his skill and passion for winemaking and became successful. Haak Winery boasts a deep dedication to creating wines of great distinction.

What: Haak Vineyards became one of the first wineries in the country to cultivate Blanc du Bois and the winery has produced many award-winning wines from the Blanc du Bois grapes. The unique and scenic winery consists of more than 25,000 sq. ft., including a 1,800 sq. ft. cellar with subtle nods through artwork to foreign countries such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Taste and Tour: Tastings and wine flights are offered 7 days a week and do not need to be booked. Tours are $15/ person and include a tour of the winery, a tasting of four wines and a choice of one Madeiras wines. Tours require reservation on the weekends because they book quickly.

Tour Schedule:

Thursday: 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:00 pm

Friday & Saturday: 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:00 pm

Sundays: 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm, and 3:30 pm

Drink: Blanc De Bois- Chardonnay Style, Reserve

Haak Vineyards is well known for its Blanc De Bois. This 2017 was created around the idea of extracting flavor without color or bitterness from skins or seeds. The wine was aged for at least six months in American oak barrels that are hand-stirred weekly to build texture. The tropical fruit denotes pear, apple, and butterscotch with high notes of vanilla and oak.

Stay: Harborwalk Lodge on the Bay. This resort is a great place to stay when in Galveston County. They offer twice-daily housekeeping, complimentary breakfast, access to amenities and it’s the premier place for people who love to hunt, fish and spend time outdoors.

Check Out Haak Vineyards & Winery Here

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