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Bottega Rose Gold

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Bottega Rose Gold is a 100% Pinot Noir Prosecco from Lombardy in Italy. The cool climate and hilly terrain makes the ideal place for sparkling wine production. Intense, elegant, complex, characterized by floral and fruity notes, mainly mixed berries, currants and wild strawberries.

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Pizzolato - Paloma Rosé

$35 $29.95 | 750ML Sold Out

The Pizzolato family has been working in agriculture for more than five generations living in harmony with nature and the environment. The Paloma is a a friendly sparkler with a sophisticated side; great for celebrations of all

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Bubbles with a twist! Cocktails To Make With Champagne...
Why? Because Champagne is always a good idea.

Top 3 Things to Know About Italian Sparkling Wine

Most people on planet earth (over the age of let’s say 21) know little something about Champagne. But there is still so much to discover about Italian sparkling wine. Yes of course, it still contains our favorite part… the bubbles, but there is a lot more to the dynamic drink. Here are the top 5 things everyone should know about Italian sparkling wine.

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